Bromine Spa Starter Pack Aquasparkle

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The AquaSparkle Hot Tub & Spa Bromine Starter Pack is an all in one starter pack which is really easy to use and includes just what you need to treat your Hot Tub or Spa water. It comes complete with a step by step Hot Tub & Spa water treatment guide.

The Bromine Hot Tub & Spa Starter Pack includes:

500g Bromine Infused Granules – (Sanitiser)
500g pH Plus – (pH increaser)
750g pH Minus – (pH decreaser)
500ml Spa Foam Away – (De-foamer)
50 Water Test Strips
Hot Tub and Spa guide
The Hot Tub & Spa Bromine Starter Pack is perfect for customers who are new to Hot Tubs & Spa’s or who have just purchased their first Hot Tub or Spa.

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