Bromine Granules 1kg Aquasparkle

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Aqua Sparkle Spa Bromine Granules are an alternative sanitiser to Chlorine. Aqua Sparkle Spa Bromine Granules are highly effective granules used for sanitisation and algae control of Hot Tub and Spa water.

These granules are relatively pH neutral. Unlike chlorine, bromine remains effective at higher temperatures such as those in a hot tub or spa, and it doesn’t smell like chlorine. Using Aqua Sparkle Infused Spa Bromine Granules also makes your sanitisation less sensitive to pH. Bromine is also softer on the skin than chlorine and recommended for people with sensitive skin.

This is a 1kg tub.

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Weight 1 kg
Chemical Code

UN 3077


DI-Chloro-Isocyanurate, Dihydrate, Sodium Bromide

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1kg (1000g)