Deciding where to locate your hot tub should include factors like safety, privacy, aesthetics and cost. Below we have included some recommendations for you to utilize when preparing for your upcoming installation.

Anytime you plan to place a permanent structure like your slab and/or deck we recommend mapping the space out and looking at it from every angle of the yard to ensure your final product will be to your liking. The easiest way to do it is to utilize rope to outline or tarpaulin to signify the spot your hot tub will sit, then perform the following:

  1. Ensure there are no overhead power lines above where the spa will be located. Ten (10’) feet is the guideline for the distance from your spa to any electrical lines, electrical outlets and electrical components. Must meet local, state and federal codes.
  2. Review the layout of the spa you have purchased and decide which direction you would like to face the spa. Your view from your favourite seat should be one you want to see each time you are relaxing in the spa.
  3. Privacy when spending time in your hot tub should also play a part in your plan. Remember that the privacy given by plants and trees changes with the seasons.
  4. Level surface is required for the spa to operate properly. Improperly levelled surface can result in water distribution changes and will void warranty.