The wintertime is often the best time to use your spa. A cold clear night can make the spa feel even better than usual. Keep in mind that your Sunbelt Spa must remain wired and on in the winter months to protect against freezing temperatures. Sunbelt Spas are manufactured with a control pack that protects against freezing and will automatically come on if the water temperature reaches 40 degrees F. Freeze protection is enabled regardless of spa status. In the case that you do want to drain your spa in the winter months remember Sunbelt Spas strongly recommends you get a qualified service company to perform a winterization on the spa. The winterization process includes draining the spa, pumps, lines, and suctions of all water and ensuring that all equipment is free of water. Damages to your hot tub if winterized improperly will result in severe damage to components and is not covered under Sunbelt Spas warranty.