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The entertaining benefits of owning a hot tub are truly fantastic and should not be overlooked! Creating the perfect relaxing evening with your partner or invitations to family and friends for using the hot tub are socially advantageous and seldom refused! However, the immediate physical and psychological benefits from owning and using a Hot Tub or Spa are second to none.

Hydrotherapy benefits you through a mixture of heat, buoyancy and massage, to relieve stresses and strains from every day living such as tiredness, headaches and muscular tension. However Studies have shown the health benefits go much deeper than this also improving mood, productivity and mental health. Soaking in hot water combined with water and air massage causes blood vessels to dilate, therefore circulation, cardiac output and purification toxins in the body are increased.

Stress is reduced naturally because the warm water massage stimulates the body to release endorphins. Besides stress reduction, the hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels relieving headaches. Soaking yourself in a Hot Tub or Spa helps you fall asleep easily resulting in a good nights sleep. Hydrotherapy has always been used by athletes for treatment to help blood flow to injured joints and muscles to aid recovery and repair.

The soothing warmth and buoyancy of water in a Hot Tub makes it the ideal environment for relieving people with arthritic pain, relaxing muscles, lowering of blood pressure, as well as help with the control of blood sugar and body weight. Overall, hydrotherapy studies have shown that the health benefits of immersion in warm water with massage jets are vast and these include depression, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Scoliosis and Bursitis.


    WAVE SEAT    

This is perfect solution for those who suffer with back pain. The Wave Seat is every back sufferer’s dream. Cluster jets are placed in wide patterns from the shoulder to hip. Each row of jets pounds on and off, tearing up and down your back or side to side to relax the muscles, soothe away stress, and massage away pain. Your mind and body will feel so calm, easing you into a deep state of sleep for repair. Each Wave Seat includes an extra-wide neck pillow, for you to recline in total bliss.